This post is in response to the daily prompt Retrospective

Megha's World

You left me puzzled
and bedazzled
by all the questions
you had for me;
I was left wondering in my deep heart
how the memories of my
sunken past
was so significant to thee;
Confused and irritated
and believing in the love
I confined it all;
You seemed
so agitated
as you had no past at all;
Digging into the details
of every painful
I’m trying desperately
to bury;
you bamboozled me with the
thousand questions
your million queries;
You never seem to be satisfied
by any explanation I ever give;
It was the wrong door
whose bell I rang,

and a wrong heart
I was trying to seek.

This poem is in response to the daily prompt
Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash

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15 thoughts on “Puzzled

  1. Been here a few times in life. There is always something ‘off’ when we are in the wrong place. Great writing!


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