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ben-white-148794Those linguistic hues
the honey dripping
from your mouth
the syllables which
form my
when my soul
is rummaging
through the pain
and is getting lost

You voice imbued
with the
healing power
for a broken soul
falls on my tainted soul
my love,
pushes me to the deliverance
so fervently, I sought.

It draws me more towards you
the deep trance
my mind gets in,
when I hear
you speaking
the voice stops me
from getting into the whirlwind
and gives a tourniquet for my
bleeding self

The rapturous moments
when I close myself from
the cacophonous sounds
of the reality
you sooth my broken heart
and gives it an identity

Those letters infuse
meaning into my abject life
I feel a little higher
and stronger
it shapes my
will to survive

They wrap me around
and cover me with the
womb like warmth
Do not ever stop yourself
my love,
from the…

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