Once More


The deep long treacherous
cast on the bedroom wall
the hallucinations of the clock
the monsters lingering in the hall
the clever and long nails
of the desires clawing  their way in
your deep supple soul
and with an ashen mouth
soaked with the crimson
a touch of your tangerine love
I ask for the forgiveness
Once more

Sitting in the pews
reading my verse from the holy book
trying to absolve my sins
by dipping my
knuckles in the holy water
shedding my sins and
lecherous desire
to clean my tainted soul
Once more

Stretching my legs
and arching my back
to stand in the long
wretched queues  of the soup kitchen
looking away from
those empty glances
scraping away the curse and abuse
from my sullen mouth
washing it again
to make it pure
Once more

I stand for forgiveness
in front of my creator
and a devil on the shoulder
perched and feeling at ease
crooning my neck as he, please
I’ll be the god’s holy son
until I stab that knife
in your chest
Once more

That grim smile on  the
devil’s face
I’ll fall down from my grace and
ask for forgiveness
to be absolved again
like a hamster on a wheel
Once more.

Photo credit Pexels.com

39 thoughts on “Once More

  1. Just WOW! The personification and comparisons are beyond beautiful. The image of being a hamster on a wheel, the cyclical nature of falling from grace, asking for forgiveness and then receiving absolution, only to fall from grace again. Undoubtedly, this really showcases your prowess as a poet. Amazing write, Megha!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are kindly welcome, Megha, but it’s all deserved. I love the way you see and describe the world around you, including your descriptions of human emotions. Whether it is in a micro piece or a longer write, you always connect your titles to your work so well and then find unique ways to show readers what you are thinking. And that is the brilliance of great writing.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awww, I am humbled that my words mean that much. I am always warmed by how writers can connect. I hope you write enough to have to pen a million testimonials, just like this. Oh, and you are beyond welcome!

        Liked by 1 person

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