Comments going to spam

I can’t believe I had to reblog my post cause again my comments are going to spam folders…so please check your spam and folders and let me know…I’m so pissed at WP tech support right now.

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Hey blogging family,

Yes, you have heard that right..since yesterday all or any of the comments I’ve been leaving on the fellow blogger’s sites are not showing up and going to their spam folders.

Please check your spam folder and unspam it.I’ll be contacting the WordPress support for the same.

Do share your thoughts if you have gone through the same horrible experience and what might have helped you.

Waiting to be un-spammed,


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39 thoughts on “Comments going to spam

      1. I think it’s happening all over. I commented a few times on another blog and it’s not showing. WP sucks a lot of the times. I’ll dig through and be responding. Sorry I missed your words as I ALWAYS look forward to them.

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      2. I can believe it! I read, like and comment in spurts so I could read a hundred poems, comment on thirty and like them all. I understand wanting to catch the REAL spam, but it is ridiculous. Comment less. What kind of a fix is that? Maybe WP should gets its act together and develop something to take care of this issue.

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      3. Hahahaha! Yes, smoke signals. Or hand write a letter and drop it off at the post office and hope it arrives between two days and six months 🙂

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