Is it worth it?

“Everyone feels they are on a journey, but if you cannot see reality, you are merely on a cosmic treadmill, trapped in time. A person can spend a lifetime going nowhere” 
― R.J. Blizzard


We all long for happiness, Don’t we? The need to reach the pinnacle of success and to overcome all the pain we have endured through the process has become a living style these days.

Nobody wants to get off the hamster wheel. We are constantly looking over our shoulders and praying under the bated breath while trying to get to the next sparkling thing our eyes catches.

Why is that even after so much of self-awareness about us being a mortal and the inevitable truth of death as a final destination staring at our faces, we still ignore all the quotes and learnings we read in the book and passed on from generations, but continue to toil and struggle?

Why is it so difficult for us humans to sit and enjoy the scenery which is flying past us.

The reason I understand is that we are born explorers, builders and curiosity always takes the best of us. Needless to say, the peer pressure and the competition and an incessant rush to reach to the top and to provide the best of all the materialistic gains to our loved ones supersede every expectation to sit back and relax.

We were born hunters. The instinct to survive is deeply seeded in us and along with comes the fear to sustain in the hostile environment so no matter how much we read about false comforts of the materialist things and death being the inevitable truth, we just don’t believe it and keep rushing towards our goals.

The irony behind all of this is even after million years of evolution though we are the smartest and most dominant species in nature, we still keep fighting for our survival when all of us share the same fate.

Is the fight and struggle worth the pain?

I’ve written a poem based on the same underlying emotion. Read Journey

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Megha Sood




22 thoughts on “Is it worth it?

  1. I think through evolution (at least what I was taught in as Environmental Science class one time) is that as humans get more technology-savvy it’s scientifically proven that we rely less on our intuition. And that is a shame. But yes, why do we agree when we all share the same faith? I don’t know. :shrug:

    I hope you will follow my on my other blog:

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  2. Love this contemplative and thought provoking piece. Happiness is relative – someone’s happiness may not cut it for others. However, the easy answer is yes, we all want to be happy. I was the hamster on the wheel for years. I wanted that fast paced lifestyle and worked several jobs at the same time just to keep busy and to stay ahead. But after about a decade of that, I realized that I was missing the best parts of life, so I moved to a tiny village and walked away from the hustle and bustle I was caught up in.

    For a number of years now I have gotten back to hunting/fishing and gathering as well as gardening. In doing so, I have found myself or a version of myself from an earlier time, and I like it. For me, the pain was in the keeping up. Letting it go has brought me true happiness.

    As far as evolution goes, I have to agree with Carly. We are evolving towards extinction – someday, maybe not in our time, humanity will disappear in the wake of modern technology. We are already seeing more and more automation and even more AI technology that can solve problems for us. There is even talks of developing apps for self diagnosing medical conditions.

    So, to really answer your question, the pain is not worth it. For me, it’s better to get back to basics, to things that really matter.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the reasons behind it.Im happy that you have realized the true meaning of happiness and was lucky enough to avail the opportunity.
      It’s always relief in letting go and once we are just contented with ourselves sans the materialistic pleasures,we discover a new version of us.
      You story resonates a lot with mine.
      Pleasure to know yours.

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      1. You are kindly welcome. Your piece inspired me to share. Some of us are lucky and I am glad to know we have this in common.

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      1. So sweet of you’s the fever it comes and goes with severe headache and now I’m too irritated.I get very impatient when I’m sick.Not the person you want around you 🙂

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