Philosophy does not regard pedigree, she received Plato not as a noble, but she made him one.
–Seneca the Younger


We are descended from the divine

born with that ambrosial touch

floating on the angelic wings and the 

defined with that seraphic glow

as we descend to this earth

rolling in muck and dirt

smeared and stained by the

seven deadly sins

we wished 

to steer clear

all those doubts and reassurance 

are falling on the deaf ears and 

muted soul

a  squelched soul trying to be free;

We are blind spectators 

to the human atrocities

and lay our souls bare to 

the lingering ghouls

they say ‘A fruits never falls 

far from the tree”

and we fervently

risk our whole life

proving our 

shimmering pedigree.

Photo by Kasper Rasmussen on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily prompt Pedigree


30 thoughts on “Pedigree

  1. Wow, Megha, this is truly a beautiful poem. This is probably one of my favorite pieces I have read in a while. The language you use is vivid and the flow of the lines graceful, backed by/backing an equally important conceptual framework. I am inclined to share this… I may print it and place it somewhere visible.

    Liked by 1 person

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