“Although I may try to describe Love, When I experience it, I am speechless.”–Rumi 


I was confident
raring to go alone
I was never the one to back down
and never faltered
or declare it a sore loss

I thought I will conquer it
will catch its whiff
will capture it and
will sit royally
on my befitted throne

It can never take me by surprise
or take me off my feet
can never take for a ride
can never hamper my steady beat

And if anybody even tries it
I’ll surely and solely ignore
and then the unspeakable
that fateful day
began to unroll

tiptoeing around me
and like a sneaky vine
covered my soul wholly
I could never realize
when it arrived
I thought
I will run
scream and hide

But to my surprise
I choked on my words
when my love came
I became utterly speechless.

Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

33 thoughts on “Speechless

      1. You are welcome. It’s good to have that perpetual inspiration. I don’t read him but I’ve seen lots of quotes from his work.

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      2. Outside of WordPress, I only read a few poets. I read a lot of classic poetry while studying it in my university days but I prefer a couple of contemporary Irish poets and a couple of local ones.

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      3. I love it and always have, to a point. I studied all the classic poets through the ages, including those in Ole English – that was not as much fun 🙂 But I got to take in a lecture with Irish Poet Seamus Heaney and just fell in love with his poetry while studying it. Heaney died in 2013 so I am glad to ahve had a chance to hear him read his poetry and lecture on it. Nowadays I read mostly poets on WP.

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      4. Yes, I did. Spent the morning listening to him read then he lectured for two hours. Afterwards, the class got to hang out with him at a meet and greet where he read more of his poetry. It was so inspiring and, really, the reason I fell in love with poetry.

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      5. Yes, his work inspired me to write the kind of poetry I write. His poetry always looked at life differently and I challenge myself to find creative ways to describe and explain universal things. Thank you for saying that!

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