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This poem is second in the anthology of the poem based on the five elements.

Water: The Water element represents the rivers, seas, oceans, and waterfalls. But it also represents blood, tears and all liquid forms in our body.

The person you love is 72.8% water–Alan Fletcher

This post is an ode to water.A quintessential element of our life which makes up most of us and surrounds most of the world around us.

We never understand the deep significance of water till we are deprived of it.
Its fluidity, its calmness, deepness and resilience in all its form teaches so much about the lessons of life and it’s struggles.

It surrounds us even before we take form, onto our first breath till we are lost to stars. Water, our endless companion.

Cleanse your soulWash away all your pain Dust off all your sorrowsBreaks the hurtful chain

Take a dip…

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10 thoughts on “Water

    1. Thanks, Shantanu for saying that.This is an old poem from one of my anthologies based on the elements of nature.Do read the other 4 poems in the collection if you fancy.FYI I read this quote in a hotel in Miami, Florida.

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