Do you know how it feels?


I have slashed my wrists
and cut open my throat
and sliced my heart in half
enough times to feel
how it feels
the loneliness
when it screams
and scratches the inside of my throat and
and pain
forces its way out from the
ripping  apart my body
and leading me to shreds and pieces
to know how loneliness rips you apart

I have lived long enough
by blisters
on my yellow raisin skin
by the moonlight
and incinerated by the hurls
by that acid poured by
your sullen mouth
to know how the insults feel

I have been called out names
my wings ripped
and pulled out from my back
leaving it bloodied
my dreams nipped
and suffocated
deep in the abyss
to know how the failure feels like

I have been
a zillion times
with an endless cycle
whirring on this endless rails
to feel how departure feels like

So take your hurls and rants
somewhere else
before you ask me again
“Do you know how it feels?”

–Megha Sood

19 thoughts on “Do you know how it feels?

  1. We never know what another has been through until we walk in their shoes. Some people assume to understand when they, in fact, know nothing. Then there are those, who keep it to themselves, and carry their pain like ashes in a sealed urn. Love how you applied bold for emphasis. Great writing!

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    1. Yes empathy and compassion are the rarest of feelings these days.You never know what the other person is hiding behind that smile.
      Thanks for reading it with so much passion.Infact I can say that for all the comments you leave.I’m blessed to have you as my reader.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Never say never.You have your signature style which speaks on it’s own.At times I have tried to follow the writing style I adore but keeps coming back to my natural style.I guess poetry is instinctive.You can’t change as per the trend.My two cents.

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