“And one by one the nights between our separated cities are joined to the night that unites us.”
― Pablo Neruda

When he leaves
he takes a piece of me 
I crash
I burn 
I split
 into a million pieces
frozen and crumbled at the core
and when he leaves me 
I turn
to the beauty around me
when he leaves me
my words
my divine verses
exits in a mass exodus
me standing naked 
disrobed of my emotions
with poetry stripped from 
my soul
when he leaves
my heart
weaving a broken symphony
a lost serenade
when he leaves me
my body
gets welled up with 
tears of desperation 
and isolation
which weaves a 
black and empty nest in 
when he leaves me,
he leaves
my soul
my being
my identity
when he leaves me,
he never leaves
Photo by Al x on Unsplash

36 thoughts on “Departure

  1. Love this! How well and passionately you’ve described how our essence leaves with the one we love when they have to go. We are left but shells of ourselves. We do take the ones we love, with you, where ever we go.

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  2. How beautiful the words, the feelings and emotions running through your poetry. You capture the soul of the heart and make me feel every bit of it as I read through your poem.

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  3. Loved the last lines of this! Having someone leave you is really hard to deal with to be sure. They do always take a piece of us and they always leave behind what we learned from them – good or bad, plus the memories! Like a tattoo.

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