Reading life

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I’m reading life
Reading between the lines on the palm
Reading between the crow’s-feet
Reading between the corner of your smile
Reading between the laughing lines

Reading between the truth and the lie
Reading between the heartache and the makeups
Reading between the tears and the peck on the cheek
I’m reading life as hard as it can be

Reading between the dance and silence of the emotions
Reading between the pause and the flowing love
Reading between the hugs and the parting ache
I’m reading life as hard as it can be

There is so much hidden and so much is revealed
It’s all there to find and all there to conceal
Sometimes I find you sitting there and waiting for me
Something you just leave a puzzle for me.

I’m reading life as hard it can be
Trying so hard to
make a sense out of it
in all its glory and vapid glee.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily prompt Observe

56 thoughts on “Reading life

      1. You are welcome Megha. Your writing is so very raw and beautiful! Be happy in the world Megha. Protect your little one with all of your heart!

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      2. I have learned to live by my heart Megha. It brings me peace. Though world events can often compromise that peace. I adore your picture with babe in arms! Ha! I get over joyous for the little ones! Enjoy your life dear poetess!

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  1. This is so spot on, We read life in all we experience, from our environment and those we share it with, to our inner voices. And, those opening lines, your description of reading the body, just perfect – we are ‘books’ upon which our stories are etched in all those lines.Brilliant!

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      1. Dear Megha, nothing you write is simple. Yes, maybe you weave simple words, but the depth from where they come is so much more complex. You are always welcome to read what I see in your poetry!

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    1. Thanks Shantanu.I loved the lines reading between the crow’s feet and corner of your smiles. I’m always intrigued by love in old age when it gets filtered down by time,sieved and pure in emotions not laced by physical beauty.

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