Quote of the Day

Loved this quote.

17 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

      1. OMG… 50…then it’s gonna be a long run for me tonight…
        Well please do visit my blog if you’ve time and of course, if you want a short marathon (coz I’ve written just 40-50 posts.. Lol)..


  1. Hi Megha. I follow your blog and I tried to comment on your post. It’s a beautiful poem on Meeting your soulmate in the parallel universe. I’m afraid it just went to spam. Would you please let me know? I’m having this problem with many others as well.Thanks ahead.Manidipa.Blogname:Charisma (Shards of Being Me)

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


      1. Thank you loads Megha for replying. I’m having this technical problem and all the comments i have made on other bloggers post are going to spam and i am not able to see them after i post and refresh. Askimet problem. Had to submit a request. Thank you for the help.😊😊😊😊
        And it’s a pleasure to read your posts Megha.😍😍😍


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