A beaming smile that can put
the sun to shame
a laugh that can make the
lilies bloom
any day
and the sweetness which
bees borrow to sweeten
their honey
such is the warmth
you feel my love,
when you are near him

He will take you by surprise with
all his witty talks
and he will corner you with his charm
and there is no place
left to hide
no place to run

He will grow on you
slowly and surely
like the endless beauty of a poem
like the intoxication of a vintage wine
you are always too late to realize that
your heart has turned into a shrine

He is a mirage an illusion
a shiny trinket
I would like to have
a thing too precious to bear
a thing too far too near

Oh! How fervently
I would love
to be his muse
living this life in a denial
this all seems like a ruse.


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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