This poem came to my mind as my neighbors are relocating.I saw that familiar look in her’s daughter’s eye.

Megha's World

As she looks back throughher car seat windoweverything was getting smallerby every passing minuteEverything was slowly moving awayeverything was dwindling downthe friends she has spenther best part of her fifth gradeand played the silliest games they  foundThe playground where she playedand the swings which took herhigh up in the skythe small lanes and alleys in the streetwere slowly waving her goodbyeShe slowly passed by the house of the boyshe couldn't believe she had a crush onnow the truth will always willbe buried in the little diaryin her small little palmThe stores near his housewhere convenientlyeverything she could findand there was no reasonfor so many stores in that line.The dainty hills in the backwhere her friend could playfrom dusk till dawnwhere she first tore herpretty birthday dressshe…

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