We are all together
in this
alone in every path
you see
I see you
and I turn away my face
the pain is too much
and to acknowledge
 it will bring
Oh! so much disgrace
let’s just hide it
tuck and nip it in the bud
don’t let anyone read your
get back to the
life so mundane
ready to stick your
head in pain
don’t let it emerge
But the irony of this is
that nobody realizes
we are all together
in this loneliness
no matter
how much you hide it.
This post is in response to the daily prompt


40 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Our lives are full of irony. What we see and a broader view of reality, if jotted down together, will perhaps make the greatest irony ever written in the history of mankind.

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      1. Well, I guess we have that in common too! I love the “Backside Of The Night” – the wee early hours of the day. Sitting alone in a quiet room with a soft light on seems to inspire me! I will leave you to your Muse, My Dear! Sunshine and Smiles!

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