Tongue tied


I’m at a complete loss of
unable to speak
as if I born into a foreign land
with no way to converse

I’m at a complete loss for words
with my mind unable to grasp
can take a handle
at the verity of things
being uttered

My words are being twisted
misconstrued and remolded to
take a new shape and form
falling off the tip of my tongue
but unable to be reborn

My mind
a cauldron of
my thoughts and desires
where all the syllables
are simmering
on the fire

Yet here I’m
in a prison
of my own making
locked inside the cage
gulping and choking

These vivid dreams of my ashen mind
are getting born and dying
an untimely death
my inundate tales
of pain and love
are being long

As I’m trying to give shelter
to these unborn voices
conjure up in my thoughts
to make them pure 

I’m fighting
until the end
to be heard
and skinned alive
to create a stir
scraping and
clutching the insides
of my throat
to be heard
Little did I know I’m born
in a land of living dead.


This post is in response to the daily prompt
Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

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