Soulless eyes


You are not alone here
You are surrounded by million voyeur eyes
looking for the next big piece of news
waiting for the next viral tweet
wanting to go live on Facebook
to chat and comment about it
You are surrounded by eyes not hands
hands which can help you, support you
and pull you up, when you need the most
You are surrounded by million eyes
waiting to strip you down
waiting to rip you apart
You are never alone
You are surrounded by lustful eyes
waiting for something shameful to happen
waiting to be part of the big news in a menial way
You are never alone
You are always surrounded by million eyes
eyes they say are the mirror to your soul
eyes which are left hanging now
from the sockets of a soulless body
Body which doesn’t feel any pain any compassion
It just wants to be ripped apart
Decked up in false pretenses
You are never alone
You are surrounded by million eyes.
A million soulless eyes.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

18 thoughts on “Soulless eyes

      1. That’s horrible! :(. I loved the poem, though. As writers, we draw upon our experiences both good and bad. So sorry about the molestation case. Love the way you conveyed your feelings about such a horrid event. You have a gift!

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      2. Thanks Patty.That case created an uproar about women safety but everything becomes to normal after a while.I guess unless the fellow citizens are not helpful of each other police can’t help much.

        Liked by 1 person

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