An appeal

I request you
to stop this incessant pain
in my marred heart and
pallid face
brewing the stories of yore
I insist, I implore

Remove your presence
your existence from my life
the dark reflection
which consumes my
soul like a black hole
leaves it with
nothing to explore
I insist, I implore

The deep throbbing of the heart
which rings like a death toll
in my ears
drives me crazy and
churns my soul inside out
Pick up your leftover
pieces of the
love and walk away
out that gaping hole
I insist, I implore

So I finally start to heal and
teach me how to love
So I learn to
scratch and scrape all memories
from my
ashen mind
so I can lay peacefully
inside me and
stop the monsters lingering
in my thoughts
once and for all
I insist, I implore

This prompt is in response to the daily prompt



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