Split wide open


I’m split wide open
for you to see
my soul is sliced in half
for you to
scrape pieces of me

I keep changing shades
to hide in the
of the darkness
You still find
me and hunt me down
with so much hatred

Hiding in the plain sight
my doppelganger
stealing my identity
leaving me naked

You keep stealing me
leaving the puzzles
I keep rummaging
to put me back together.

You can rip me apart
and tore in shreds
feeds your hungry ego
and living in dreads

Your voice chases
the sanity in me
and leaves me dangling in the
realm of reality.

You can split me wide open
but you
cannot steal
the light within me.

Photo by Weronika Marcińczyk on Unsplash

This post is in response to daily prompt Tend


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