A Baby’s thought

Some thoughts that leave a baby Bewildered

Megha's World

“The littlest feet make the biggest footprint in our hearts”

As a parent, we always wonder what babies are feeling or thinking at a given moment.Have you ever wondered what a baby feels when he sees an anxious parent around all the time?
A little poem from the baby’s perspective.

A baby with toy in his mouth

Sometimes I wonder
Why is he around so much
Anxious and scared all the time
Why he doesn’t try things
Which seems easy and fine.

Why he is bogged down and bothered by every step I take
Why he keeps running after me
Whenever I try to get away

Why he always try to make me laugh
As I’m bored all the way
Why can’t he seem to sit still
And enjoy the life away

Oh, he thinks he can save me from everything
When he can barely keep his thoughts fleeting
When his own heart is not in control

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