Permission denied

and numb to the core
sitting and gazing
at the barren sky
a lost gaze in the eyes
looking into the emptiness

Heart impaled with your thoughts
and lips
tired of serenading you
on my broken knees
and the sunken heart
I seek permission
for you to let me go
free me from all this

Getting tangled in your
broken unkept promises
stuck in the limbo of your
truth and reality
trying to make sense of your
words every day
have chased away
all my sanity

It’s getting hard to breathe like this
the fake and empty promises
the unfaithful breaths leaving
my body
I’m choked and gasping
for more of you
waiting for you to return
with a fresh breeze of

Standing alone at
the crossroads of my life
waiting for your
silhouette to appear the
I waited and wept
till eternity
for a promise
that wasn’t kept.

 This post is in response to the daily prompt

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