This poem is third in the anthology of poems based on the five elements. Please read the others if you haven’t yet.

Air–The Air element represents the air, wind, cyclones, and tornadoes. But in our body, it comprises the breathing pattern and the gases moving inside our body.

“Your omnipresence is marvelous!
I breathe and you enter me.
I exhale and enter into you.”
― Kamand Kojouri


As we Inhale you
and exhale
the pain out
with every heaving chest
you make your
existence feels aloud

Without you,
we are gasping, choking
and our existence
fades away into oblivion

Without you we just a pile
of muscle
and bone
you make us all human

When you move gently
and grazes a lovers cheek
the poetry flows
out of a poet’s lips
and that’s how
a lover speaks

You enrage
and brings the wrath
to us
the cyclone and the tornadoes
stirs every iota of life in us

You are a harbinger
of that sweet
the nature hides
you are only sign
that within us a soul resides.

You work in tandem with water
to carry our love through
Air, my sweet air
what would we do
without you?

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

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      1. You are kindly welcome! It is a treat to go back and read your earlier work. In this business, writing can change overnight so it is always enlightening to see how a writer grows.

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