Are humans really the Dominant race?

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Buried under the dearth of painLies, suffering, hatred, and lossWe humans as a species we continue to survive.Every day we overcomethe fear of discrimination,misogyny ,clash of the religions, morals, and valuesand still, we continue to surviveAll the bloodthirst and the violencethe numbness which the soul goes throughthe dried trail of tearsand a hopeless and dim humanityand still, we continue to surviveLiving under the false pretensesurrounded by all the hatredcheating and the betrayal and love being lost in the rampant chaosand still, we continue to survive

Compassion and threadbare empathylost all its meaningFalse hopes and lip sympathycontinue to reign and still, we continue to survive

Riding the food chain
and dominating the world 
Threatening and corrupting the nature
sucking the nature till it dries up
and still we continue to survive

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5 thoughts on “Exceptional

  1. In my humble opinion, humans can be just as good as they can be destructive.
    The overall impact of humans in our environment is directly proportional to the ‘good humans’ vs ‘bad humans’. Kinda unfortunate that right now, the bad outweighs the good by quite some margin.

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