Trigger warning


Click clang!
Tick tock!
this poem is a trigger warning;
you better read it with the
valiant soul or else you
should just
stop reading

The pain is too numbing
and too graphic for
your meek soul to bear;
it is only a snapshot of the pain
the tip of the ice burg
I’m  ready to bare

Oh, wait !!
don’t let your
feeble heart take all that pain;
Don’t show it to the kids
they won’t be able to retain

Click Clack!
Tick tock!
the scars slowly turns
into memories
make yourself brave to see;
for it will turn your
dreams into scary
pretty easily

Tread carefully
and don’t you dare
look back;
you might see the ghouls
lingering in the doorways
ready for the attack

Your gentle kind-hearted soul
will be left
soaring with the pain
to see blisters simmering
in my soul
boiling again

Tread carefully
don’t falter
in my lifelines;
don’t accidentally
put your finger
on my trigger
and make them alive.

Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

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