The Clown

“Despair is the constant companion of the clown.”
― Angela Carter, Nights at the Circus


As he entered the canopy
filled with laughter
and giggles
eyes filled with amaze

He jumped and stumbled
twisted and
turned his body
to see that
grin on your face

Wiped and hid his tears
in the colorful robe
hid the scars and
the screeching pain

He did all the tricks
which kept you guessing
losing the simple
games of his own life
that  people play

He painted his face
with hues of
red blue and black
hid his sorrow
behind all your backs

Churning his soul
inside out
the strikes of the brush
concealed all which
he tries to live without

With all the angst he
still manages
to keep all the balls
in the air
like it
all was a big game

Like a tainted
colored soul
you walked out
that canopy,
a living quagmire
of dust and pain

It took only a single day for you to
erase from your hearts
which took a lifetime
for him to endure that pain.

Yes, you were right in saying.
he was a mere Clown
his job was there
just to entertain.

This post is in response to the daily prompt Entertain

Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash

48 thoughts on “The Clown

  1. It’s taken me a long time and many broken friendships to realise this. It’s so blindingly obvious now and if I had realised it at the time, maybe we would still be friends.
    It’s a very easy trap to fall into the role of joker, clown,the funny person in the room. To deflect from what’s really going on. But the moment the fool wants to be taken seriously is the realisation that up to this point they have been pretending to be someone else. You never knew them at all. I’ve been the fool and been played, but I’ve learned some hard, valuable lessons.

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    1. You know I don’t feel sorry but feel happy that you the courage and wisdom to break through the false friendship.Its always better to have one friend than to be surrounded by hoarder of selfish people.
      Have a good day,my dear.

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  2. This is outstanding. I felt a deep deep pain inside me as I read that, for I too am that clown. Not through chouce, but because needs must. It feels like a stabbing within me to read that. Amazing work. You got me crying now!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, it just got me! What a face we have to put on sometimes. I do anyway. Smiling, laughing, giving out to others all of the time, but no one knows what goes on inside me for I keep it hidden. Except sometimes my poetry speaks it out. It is as if that poem loisened something inside of me. All good poetry does that, I believe.

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      2. Indeed it is. And hopefully it touches other people too.

        is amazing. Oh yes, I DO read funny stuff as well, plus write it!

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      3. It’s ok lol. To be honest, so many good blogs come up that I would love to follow, that you just can’t do them all. I really enjoy yours.

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      4. Thanks for understanding.I know, I feel guilty that people are reading me everyday where I can’t return the favor to all of them.Im writing for 11 literary collective along with my site and that takes much of my time.

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      5. I can totally believe that. I write poetry books too. Give the money to Lymphoma Association which was the cancer I had that made me blind and wheelchair bound. Plus I have two other websites. Bthere are some absolutely wonderful here that I would love to read more. It us ok. I know where you are coming from. Keep writing! I will too!

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  3. We never know what’s going on in someone else’s life. The pain and sorrow you write in this piece, and the reality for many of us who hide daily behind some form of mask, is an intersting to the daily prompt. Excellent!

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