As I sit under my favorite tree
staring at the horizon
as far as I can see
I wonder what paths
I have crossed
what whirlwinds
I have seen

What strange trails
I have crossed
what demons I have faced
What scars I have earned
and what got erased
I traveled a lifetime
to get here
was it worth it
or was it just a waste

What faces I have seen
what dreams
I have crushed
what wishes I
made them true
or what moments
got cursed

What hearts
I have trampled upon
or those which I rescued
what tears I wiped
or what eyes got welled up
because I was the excuse

What love got blossomed
and what failed
what lessons
I have dispensed
or learned with a childlike gaze
what memories were fleeting
and which desires
were left ablaze

Did I walk the road less traveled
or a well-beaten path
did I do something
which just caught my eye
or I really followed my heart

I keep flipping those memories
looking at the star-spangled sky
did I feared to be a failure
and did not
even try 

Here I sit and ponder
as I keep looking at the life
as a passerby;

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily prompt Static


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