No More

gianni-zanato-461187In my world of paper flower
where wishes are flying
and whispering
slowly in my ears
and telling a story

I long for that long
swings on the ride
my arms outstretched
and kicking legs
as I soar above
in my purple sky

I wait for the rain to come
and wash my sins
rinse and repeat
and color the sky of my dreams
laced and wrapped
in the paper
of my favorite candy

I drop all my inhibitions
strip naked of my fears
and drenched in the
emotions of the
carnal desires

In the imaginary
fields of wishes
I ran rampant
ignorant of the sinful
desire of those
whose vow to protect me

I waited so long
for that deep sleep dreaming
where nightmares
don’t take refuge
and I can lie within myself for hours

Lost in the definitions of the
I stand here undefined
can’t be drawn with a straight line
I refuse to bent
to carve indentation in my soul
to please you any more

I refuse to please you any more
I say
No More

This post is ins response to the daily prompt Carve

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