Reserved a space in my heart
waited with bated breath
split my soul in half
One part living and breathing 
while other engrossed 
in the eternal wait
I’ve branded it with your name
so no one
can claim it
have flaunted enough
made sure for 
everyone to see it
it is tucked and 
hidden deep inside
for no one to find it
a shiny treasure
so worthy and sublime
I waited and waited 
reached my last breath
I reserved a
space in my heart
Only if you have cared.
This post is in response to the daily prompt
Photo by on Unsplash


15 thoughts on “Reservation

  1. Mam,we all are being affected from reservation system..what we can do is just query,tell others,tell cautions,tell solutions&tht sit!!! Only gov. Can chnge this.
    But a question will be point up”how”??
    Thts why i wrote an article on how to remove reservation&tht would be total fair in my point of view even gov. Cant point tht it would unfair to them mam plss check it out on
    Instant actions are required although not only us our upcoming generations could also have to suffer from it and if u like my solution mam pls pls share it as much as possible bcz it have to reach to gov.
    -thank you for your time

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      1. Thnks so much mam im pressuring so bcz even my time is coming closer if u even dont wnt for me so just pls think about your generation and i believe its the right time for me to pressurise bcoz if it starts i have the time until it can change i think
        Plsss and thanks


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