New Me

May this New Year brings a “new you”!!.Wishing my whole blogging community a very Happy New Year 2018!!

I smell
blood in the water
I see sharks
all around me
heartbroken, downtrodden
wandering in search of you
finding a way out of this labyrinth
the hope keeps burning
and the flickering flame
never meets its death
I’m crossing mountains
getting drenched in rivers
half drowned, gasping for breath
with a parched soul
and knees skinned
scraping my way out
digging the tunnel with my
bloody knuckles
dipped in blood and skin
frozen to the core
I don’t give up on me
descended from the warriors
I wear my scars with pride
everything is burning
around me
the ambers keep
piercing my foot, scarring me
I take the warm sensation
and rise like a phoenix
the ashes choke me
and blood in my eyes
shines in the night
like a beacon
thorns in my foot
will make a trail for the
lost souls behind me
with every ounce of fight
left in me
I’m running towards
a new me.

Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily prompt Conversation


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