Greed ( Avaritia)

This fourth poem is a part of the anthology of poems based on the Seven deadly sins.
Do read the previous ones too, if you haven’t yet.

Greed(Avaritia): an excessive pursuit of material possessions.

“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”
― Socrates


A sin of desire
wanting everything around you
anything shiny catches your eye
blinded by the lustrous variegated glazes
dissolving the thin line
between the need and wants
drowning your eternal self
for the bare materialistic
wealth and superfluous possessions
you have turned your self
into a hoarder, an insane gatherer 
this greed, the mortal sin
the want of more and more
will never end.
spiraling down the rabbit hole
heading for a shiny mirage
you are destined for
that unfortunate end.

Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash

20 thoughts on “Greed ( Avaritia)

  1. I loved this piece! Seems to me greed is an underlying component of some of the other 7 sins? Loved your line – “heading for a shiny mirage”! I shall have to deposit it in my Word Bank for future use!!! Love your Anthology!

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  2. Aha, my favourite so far! I wonder, is it because I have believed this to be the most prevalent blatant sin in my home town. Exorbitant display of excess wealth that sicken me while three blocks away a man is panhandling to gather enough coins for a warm drink. How inspired you are in this anthology!

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      1. My pleasure, really. It is a great collection. And the topic is timeless. I loved your secular approach if I might say so. Christianity has somehow put a monopoly on vices in the Western World so it is quite refreshing reading how you tackled them.

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