Have you ever associated any peculiar fragrance with someone you love?
Just a little whiff of it can make your head turn. Your mind pictures the image of them as if they are present in that very moment with you.I wonder if they have flowers in their soul. Do you?


There are flowers
deep in my soul
makes my being
So fragrant evermore
It gives me the everlasting
musky perfume
the sweet and warm aroma
which fills you
intoxicates you
penetrates you to the core

Till you are soaked
and drenched into it
brimming and spilling over
with an overpowering scent
and you are gasping
asking for more
I’m a growing addiction
you just can’t deny anymore.

Cause there is only
So much love
you can take.
Mi Amor

Photo by Sarah Gray on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily prompt  Mild


22 thoughts on “Fragrant

  1. Yes, but I only realized I had my own when my granddaughter told me. I used a certain perfume when she was smaller. Then tried new ones. When I returned, she was excited saying she loved that grandma smell she knew.

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