Go Dog Go cafe Poetry feature

Hello my wonderful readers,

I’m beaming with joy and smiling from ear to ear as one of my poems got published on an amazing literary collective site Gogdoggo cafe. When I started scribbling and writing poetry, I never realized that my little bits of creativity will be good enough to garner any level of recognition.But today changed everything. I’m so thankful for wonderful curators of the site who were kind enough to recognize and appreciate my work among the giants in poetry and also to all the wonderful readers and fellow bloggers, who shower their love on my poems.

Go, take a look at this wonderful site they have created. It is a virtual cafe curated by extremely talented writers and few WordPress friends, where all writers are welcome.Also, they sometimes feature guest barista to encourage the work and support neophyte bloggers like me.

Please visit the link to read the poem which got so much love from them and you.

Who is an artist

Happy blogging!


Yup, something miraculous happened today.

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