You cannot relate to my pain
If you are numb from inside
If your soul is frozen
and the emotions haven’t been
thawed for a while

You can’t relate to the
Overflowing oozing emotions
scraped to the core
you cannot relate to the
blankness in the gaze
feelings which were
Just a haze
You cannot relate to
My eternal wait
and the cracked lips
pitted with blood
calling your name
you cannot relate to the
stabbing pain in my heart
If you are stone to the heart
You cannot relate to
anything I say
the meaningless conversation
filling the gaps of time
just a usual chit chat
echo of my emotions
falling on deaf ears
doesn’t reveal the pain
I’m hiding for eternity
You can not relate to anything
I say;
As you are apart from me
In every other way.

This post is in response to the daily prompt Relate

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