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A calm evening in the arms of the loved one
A steaming cup of coffee warming your hands on
a rainy and cloudy day
A dance in the rain getting drenched
and not having a care in the world
Buying yourself your favorite flowers
Looking at the sunset
with your feet dipped and covered in sand
letting the calmness and stillness
seep into your soul
A lengthy call from a long-lost friend
when you needed the most
An unhindered kiss and a warm hug
from the love of your life
Re-reading your favorite book
or  listening to the favorite song played on the radio
on your way home
An unplanned kiss planted on your cheek
by those little hands and fingers
A whole bar of your favorite chocolate
and nobody to share with
Spending your whole day without a hint of worry and
What is your panacea for your broken soul?
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4 thoughts on “Panacea

  1. They are my favourites too……Also, I love the first smell of the rains, a child’s spontaneous laughter, the touch of the baby’s tender skin, listening to my favourite music, the baking aroma wafting from my oven……so many tiny delights which is truly blissful ❤ !

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