Depression series 4 : Stop GBV

Reblogging this strong piece of poetry from a fellow blogger lakerfiona. This post is in one of the series of #16DaysOfActivism against Gender-Based Violence.Visit her site to know more about her contribution to this evil in the society.

Tales of a Curious mind

Hello Talees! (Yes for Lack of a better word..please allow me). It’s only been a minute but how I missed here.
How is everyone? And for the record none of the questions on this blogland is rhetorical. This girl seeks to hear from you.


This post is inspired by #16DaysOfActivism against Gender Based Violence that ended only recently. I would love to second someone on a certain platform who said 16 days was not enough by sliding in my voice.
Yes!! we have chosen to use of vocal cords and thumbs for the greater good by speaking out on the things that matter and adding to the solution


He loved soccer 
And when the euphoria that came with the match left 
He still wanted to “play”
He found himself kicking at her –
A ball he chose out of many-
Sealed with a ring of “Blue black” bruises
a rainbow lined…

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