I'm not asking 

you as a whole

just leave me with 

a sense of your being

let me drench myself 

in the

your blinding glow.

I feel your love slowly 

seeping within me

as I lay here

as a poem in our hearts

begins to grow.

You stay here with me

was a blip in 

my timeless wait

Your love for me 

was a mere drop 

in the ocean

of my desperation

of your meager stay

Time stands still 

in my endless wait

your oscillating presence 

in my life

tilts my balance 

I can't keep myself 

on my toes

I'm pouring my heart to you

making my last meager 


from stopping you 

to go.

Please stay my love,

Please don't go.
This post is in response to the daily prompt Meager


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