Do you resonate with the ones you love?

Megha's World

You think you have found the one.The ONE! who shares the same thought as you, who finishes your sentences, who is on the same wavelength as you are.
You get entrapped in the definition of soul mates. You believe the music will play on forever, the hearts will keep swaying to the same rhythm.

What if the alignment is broken..what if you stop resonating?

jacob-rank-111924.jpgBeating together souls apart
String together tumbling along
We seem so different
We seem so perfect
you can read my mind
and I can finish your sentences
We look for the same thought
And share the same glance

Our hearts beat separately and yet follows the same rhythm
Chest heaves to the same breath
and heart shares the same laugh
You and Me are so different
Yet resonating to the same thought

I wonder, what if the wavelength changes
What if the beats changes
and the…

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