Failed virtues of the people today
nothing can be fixed 
going to church every day
You’re Catholic
and I’m pious
and we still have our fingers 
dipped in the blood 
of our desires
What makes you more saintly than me I ask
Oh! I pray and confess twice in the last pass
I repent my sins 
and donate to charity 
to evade taxes 
cause I can’t stand in the stinky lines
of the soup kitchen
to feel those empty glances 
I’m looking at the God
and still stripping you with my eyes
they say I’m a man of cloth
who has burned every desire
Lighting up candles
kneeling to make my wishes come true
I can kill a person’s desire to live
but I can make a saint out of you.
Reading the holy scriptures
and accepting the truth in the gospel
we are camouflaging so beautifully
hiding the devil so well.
So what makes you feel
so saintly and
makes me a devil
please, pray tell.


This post is in response to the daily prompt Saintly
Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

13 thoughts on “Saintly

  1. Ah, such a great question to top off this excellent look at sinners and saints. We all have the capability to be both. Those holier than thou tend to be a lot further from sainthood than the common drunk who still drops a dime in the tin cup of the drunk laying next to him.

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  2. Oh my! I’m in love with this post… The guy Fawkes mask reminds me so much about the dramatis personae in the movie vendetta. In fact, I’ve been reciting your poem in his characteristic way of talking.

    Beautiful, wow inspiring poem.

    Liked by 2 people

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