As she looks back through

her car seat window

everything was getting smaller

by every passing minute

Everything was slowly moving away

everything was dwindling down

the friends she has spent

her best part of her fifth grade

and played the silliest games they  found

The playground where she played

and the swings which took her

high up in the sky

the small lanes and alleys in the street

were slowly waving her goodbye

She slowly passed by the house of the boy

she couldn't believe she had a crush on

now the truth will always will

be buried in the little diary

in her small little palm

The stores near his house

where conveniently

everything she could find

and there was no reason

for so many stores in that line.

The dainty hills in the back

where her friend could play

from dusk till dawn

where she first tore her

pretty birthday dress

she so much adored

Everything was slipping

and moving further away

as she took a last look

with her teary eyes

as her family was relocating

to some silly

new town now.

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

This post is in response to the daily prompt  Relocate

23 thoughts on “Relocate

  1. I love the everyday symbolism of the car seat window, the playground, the house of the boy, small lanes and alleys, the stores, the dainty hills etc. There are some childhood relics that’ll never get relocated from our heart.

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