My fight


When will the struggle be going to be over?
When will the pain end?

The continuous feeling of fighting against something unknown and invincible is tiring and exhausting.

How can you fight the daily grind of life knowing that you can never come alive out of it?

Yes that the eternal truth everybody know.
When I read that quote for the first time ” Don’t take life so seriously, you won’t come alive out of it”. I smiled.

Sometimes the inconspicuous quotes tucked away in some books explains you the bigger truths of the life, even then we are constantly fighting this fight every day.

We are nothing but stardust. We are nothing but a speck in this ever-expanding universe. What are we fighting or cribbing about, won’t even make a difference in the grand scheme of things?

Sometimes I need an assurance, actually, I always need an assurance that whatever good fight I’m fighting is worth it.

All the sleepless nights, anxiety, and constant worrying is worth it. The eternal waiting for something good happening always keeps us on tenterhooks.

Maybe someday I’ll realize the true meaning behind this fight.

My fight!

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This post is in response to the daily prompt  Tenterhooks


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