Are you writing from heart?

“A drop of ink may make a million think.”
― George Gordon Byron


How do you know what you are writing is coming from your heart?

How do you know what you are writing will resonate with the readers and they will be able to understand the true meaning hidden behind the words.

Well, I guess that’s a gamble and no writer or author knows for sure that what he is writing is going to sit well, Hell! even being appreciated by their audience.

Sometimes you don’t write to please the reader. Sometimes you just write to pour the emotions out on a paper, which has been eating you from inside, and you just want to put a stop to it.

You pour your heart out, your anger, frustration or anxiety on the paper when you feel you just can’t keep it bottled up inside you anymore.

Writing is a refuge and its an antidote for authors, writers, poets etc…who can’t find solace in anything around them in the world. No amount of luxury or happiness can fill the void they are feeling inside. Their feeling to express their emotions is insurmountable.

They want to fill the void with words, words heal them and act a tourniquet for all the invisible wounds, which have been scraped by the society by so-called near and dear ones.

Writing is cathartic. It relieves you of all the pain, the pain which reflects in your eyes but your lips are sealed tightly shut when you can not utter a single word of relief.

Sometimes emotions are too stronger to feel, so you jot them down on a piece of paper. You don’t want the moment to lose but you want to get sealed in that moment forever. Preserve it like a rose in the between the pages of your book.

So if ever you want to re-live that moment you just have to go through the words and whole scenario comes alive right in front of your eyes.

Writing is timeless and it’s not governed by the era, time, place you are living in. You can build a whole mythical world around you with magical creatures in it and can be a part of it too.Writing is magic.

Words have the power to heal’s the panacea we all have been waiting for all our lives. Going through the letters sent by our loved ones cannot surpass the feeling of any drug or medicine.

For me, words make me powerful. It brings me alive. Teeming with emotions.Gives me a sense of satisfaction to be myself. Once I start penning down my thoughts, no power in the world can stop me.

With writing, you are creator and part of your creation at the same time.


35 thoughts on “Are you writing from heart?

  1. Megha each word was like someone had peeped into my heart and jotted down what writing for me is. Sometimes I wonder how do people who never write are able to channelize their thoughts and silent the noises inside their head?

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      1. Yes totally and I find that WordPress is an excellent platform to do so. You read amazing writers and can reblog them to support and encourage them.We have started a Pay it forward series on one of our sites to support each other. It happens every Thursday on GodoGo cafe.

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