Broken promises

sam-burriss-363686 (2)

String of broken promises 

and false hopes

makes our story

A succession of lies

built on the pyre of the dead truths

because you didn't keep the promise

You surrendered to the patriarchy

You stirred and dissolved all the hope and love

in your infected vial of anger

You cannot save me again

because you didn't keep the promise

Don't you dare 

ask me to look at the blinding light again

pushing again me against my boundaries

asking me to breathe against my wishes

because you didn't keep the promise

You kept the stinking lies

tucked under false pretenses

I rose from the ashes 

just to be burned alive on the pyre again

You can't  keep weaving the same 

web of deceit again

Don't you dare 

because you didn't keep the promise

The more of you try to hide it

It spreads the infection more

The more you smirk

the more you feed your ego

the more our dreams are getting suffocated

You can't tell me to keep me going on

because you didn't keep the promise.

I'm standing right here

alone at the crossroads of life

betrayed and broken

waiting for the tune to change

though my heart keeps mourning

with every passing breath

Well,you didn't keep the promise.

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

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