Pain- A residue

“Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.”
― Bob Dylan


Pain is a residue.

Its an outcome of all the emotions, feelings, pain and anxiety.
Whatever your body is feeling churned out altogether for it to cause a deep sensation.

After you have been through a horrific, turmoil in your life..when you are going through it, the body is in constant shock. It does not register anything-anything at all your mind is going through. Once the phase is over and your brain starts processing it… it realizes what shock you have experienced and as a reminder to yourself.. leaves a residue in your system.

That is Pain.

Hell, if ever your body didn’t have this immune mechanism to prevent you in the state of shock you would have experienced both the shock and pain at the same time which would have been horrible for any human being to go through.That why we are completely numb in the state of shock.

Pain is a residue.

Once the emotions and the pressure of keeping them clamped up in your system gives way.It rushes out like blood gushing through the body like the deepest cut. No tourniquet can stop the flow.

Pain acts a bridge between the emotions and the shock which torments yourself.

Pain is a residue.

The most important part of being human,
Which makes us, Us.

Photo by Hailey Kean on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Pain- A residue

  1. Thanks Megha for checking out my post at;

    And connecting it with yours here. Where Sascha speaks about all of us being torn into pieces each time anything difficult happens in our lives and ending up as carrying multiple personalities. You speak over here about the pain which, according to you is a residue of the initial shock.

    I’d love to know about how you connect multiple personalities by Sascha to the pain that you describe over here?


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