She moved her steps gingerly

trying not to make any mistake

carefully listening to all instructions

not skipping any step

She always played by the rules

never stepped on anybody's toes

made sure she made peace with everyone

and never made any foe

She obeyed the society

and never stopped beyond the norms

walked on the dotted line

and never braved the storm

She followed everything to the Tee

always drew within the lines

Never tried to step the border

and obeyed every order

But only heaven knows

she still can't figure why

her carefully planned life

is waving her goodbye!
This poem is in response to the daily prompt  Gingerly


15 thoughts on “Gingerly

  1. No matter how gingerly we walk through life, it will (in all likelihood) take it’s own twists and turns, leaving us wondering how we ended up where we are. Great post for the prompt!

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