Let the emotions simmer in you

Till they settle down and

leave you cold-hearted.

Let the passion and love

boil in you

so that you can feel the heat of the moment.

Let the  rage, anger and the frustration 

brim over to the surface

so that your soul is not drowned in them.

Let them not rein in your emotions

so that they can tame you 

in any way they can.

Let the voices in your head

not take control

scream out loud 

and kill them all.

Let the clutter in your head clear up

so your thoughts can find their way home.

Let your self not get consumed

in this rampant chaos called reality;

take control of your self

Give your soul an identity.
This post is in response to the daily prompt Simmer
Photo by Avik Saha on Unsplash

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