Who is an artist?

“An artist should create beautiful things, but should put nothing of his own life into them.”

― Oscar Wilde


He is an imposter, a fake.
Who hides his true identity
but reflects the feelings and emotions of the person
he is portraying in the purest form.
Someone who takes the form of a person,
thoughts, ideas, feeling etc.,
embodies them in the deepest possible way
So that, it is not possible for you
to separate the art from the artist
the emotions from the narration.

An artist is the closest and truest analogy of water
which doesn’t have its own shape, odor or taste
but seemingly takes the form of the container it is contained in.

An artist is like a roller coaster
who gives you a breathtaking ride of emotions
Jolting and scaring you to bits
giving you goosebumps
while giving you the ride of your life.

An artist is master storyteller, a pied piper
who takes you through the alleys of tales and fancies
takes you down the memory lane
fills your heart with hopes and desires
shows you the real meaning of life
and reflects your soul, while being at a distance from you.

An artist is that drug, that forsaken pill
who fills you with ecstasy
gives you a new high
takes you into a new realm of feelings
without altering your presence.

An artist is a dream weaver, stargazer
Who helps you weave new dreams and hopes in your mundane life
Shows you the many parallel dimensions of your life
Gives you the hope
to still keep dreaming in your life.

He is a rainbow of emotions.

A reflection of the moment

Closer to your soul than you think

He makes you a dreamer.”



Photo by David Preston on Unsplash


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