edu-lauton-66201Hear the inner chatter
Hear the voice of your soul
As we lay here untouched by the sins
As we lay here caressed by the sun
As we lay here damned by the man
Our hearts kindle
The twinkle in our eyes says the unspoken love
The warmth in our touch defines the face

Here we are 
Laying as a poem to our hearts
It brings the melody of our souls
Here we are barely touching
Here we are feeling everything

We are the star-dust and we live forever
We don’t need boundaries
We don’t need the name
It’s a matter of time and we will be everywhere
In the corner of your smile
In the twinkle of your eye
In the touch of your fingertips
In the dew drops on your face

You are everywhere and nowhere to be found
I look for you and you are already gone
Buried under the dearth of your lies
I lay here..lay here..untouched.

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

This post is in response to daily prompt Fraud

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