Little thought

Everyone is living in this rampant chaos called reality. We are swarmed by ideas and thoughts every living second.So, sometimes when we are asked just to focus on one thought, one lonely thought, in your mind.It gets very difficult.
Sometimes I wonder, how will it feel to have just one thought in our mind.
Have you ever wondered?


There is a thought, one deep lonely thought
Wandering in my mind

An estranged thought;
A little bit unkind.

It roams around aimlessly in my head,
Nothing to be worried about;
Nobody to be heard.

He is alone in a strange kind of way;
He is a loner, living life his way.

He wants an escape, a salvation
My thought, my little thought
Needs a companion.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Little thought

    1. Congratulations to you!!! It’s a great feeling to achieve a milestone when you are doing something so close to your heart. Thanks for appreciating my work too and I have said earlier I have always liked your writing style.All the best to you!! Happy blogging!!


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