Daily Prompt-Coincidence

This post is in response to the Daily prompt challenge for the word

Born a thousand miles apart;

breathing a  different world;

unaware of your existence;

a million lives apart.

Yet seem to resonate to the same tune;

heart swaying to the same rhythm;

sharing thought with just a glance.

There is so much different  and;

Yet so much same.

Now our lives are intertwined;

We finish each other sentences;

We share the sunrise;

and the calmness of the dawn.

Merged in a single lifetime ;

Brought together by mere coincidence.

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt-Coincidence

  1. that is the power of connectivity….the world is a village….and we the villagers….lol….and with that matching of the frequencies….and the resonance….it is well proven that….we all are fortunately humans…..isn’t it?

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