Happy Peace Day!


What we really want in today’s world. Do we want companionship, passion, empathy, peace, happiness, brotherhood or just wanting to be accepted?

We always have a long list of things we want from everybody else but there is always nothing we can give to anybody. We read about grief and sorrow in all different form in this world and it kind of has made us immune against all of that.

We really have become completely immune to the human emotions.
We see a crying kid in the crowd and moves on.
We see a homeless person sleeping in the cold and move on.
We see people homes getting burned, loved one getting killed and gone in a second and we move on.

We move on and go on in our life.
Heading towards an invisible goal which even if we attain will never give us any satisfaction.
Once you achieve something in your life, which you have craved,  you just move on the next item on your list and it goes on and on.

The feeling of aloofness, the feeling of emptiness emanates from every single soul we meet across in our life.We are ever more disconnected in this connected world.

But we never try to reach across.

I guess, if instead of solving each other problems, which is almost impossible. if we just even try to empathize with the next person. The pain will be little less and the smiles will  be a little more.

Just a thought!
Happy Peace Day!

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Happy Peace Day!

  1. “We are ever more disconnected in this connected world.”

    that hits the nail on the head! I see what you meant when you said a similar peace. I enjoyed the reflexivity of this – we are desensitised to pain. and it’s a shame that there is almost no empathy nowadays, even when it takes no effort but to just say a word and listen to someone for a bit.

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    1. You have pointed out the line around which I wrote my whole post.
      Thanks for reading and giving your valuable feedback.When your writing resonates with your fellow bloggers it fills you with profound happiness.

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  2. Being immune to emotions… what a powerful line, sadly I understand what that means. Sometimes people become “immune” to emotions because we don’t know what to do with them. We can learn or relearn these emotions; I don’t think it’s too ideal to say this.

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